FREE Government Funded Self Employment Training

Are you ready to START YOUR OWN BUSINESS? Check out the Self-Employment Training Program at Microbusiness Training Centre. Due to COVID-19, Self Employment Training is now delivered online. This program is designed to help you develop business skills, write a solid business plan and launch
your small business.

You could qualify for FREE Government funding or Learner Income Support while taking Self-Employment Training. To be eligible for Government funding, you need to meet one of the following criteria:

*     Currently receiving Employment Insurance (EI);

*     Have received EI in the past 5 years;

*     Have contributed sufficient employee premiums towards EI during 5 of the past 10 years;

*     Currently receiving Income Support from Alberta Works;

*     Not receiving EI may allow you to qualify for Learner Income Support based on your personal financial circumstances;

*     Other Albertans may qualify if they are not receiving EI or Income Support funding, but have the personal financial resources to support themselves during self-employment training.

The online Self-Employment Training Program at Microbusiness offers:

*     Individuals in the greater Edmonton Region and northern Alberta an opportunity to take online classroom training through Zoom technology/internet based training. You receive live-stream facilitated
instruction, training schedule, training modules, business templates, assignment schedules, individual coaching, access to guest speakers, industry experts and resources.

*     8 weeks full-time online learning with experienced facilitators, business coaches and entrepreneurs helping you gain business skills and develop your own professional Business Plan.

*     18 weeks professional business coaching and mentoring that follows your online classroom experience to help you launch your business.

*     3 months of additional business coaching, mentoring and networking opportunities.

*     Interactive and motivational group learning experiences in small online class setting.

*     Guest Speaker & Industry Experts include valuable legal, accounting, finance, marketing and social media advice. Meet former Microbusiness grads and more.

*     Inclusion in Zoom Group Networking Sessions online to meet other successful business owners.

*     Feature for your business in “Success Stories” on the Microbusiness website.

To learn more, join an online Information Session offered every Wednesday at 2:00 pm.

To Register: call 780-482-4462, email: